HER by Elena Rosas

Who is HER? What’s HER personality? What does she look like? I can describe HER in three words: FIERCE, BEAUTIFUL, and INDEPENDENT.

FIERCE. Some may say a fierce woman is aggressive or cut-throat. But my interpretation of a fierce woman is someone who is strong, powerful, confident and walks with her head held high regardless of her situation. She knows when to speak her mind and when to keep quiet. She may also be vulnerable at times and may display signs of weakness, which is totally ok because she is human, but she always seems to get back on her two feet and keep moving forward. Now that, my friends, is FIERCE.

BEAUTIFUL. Beauty isn’t only on the outside. There is so much more to a woman than just her looks. True beauty comes from the inside and reflects on the outside. The more we learn to love ourselves and have high self-esteem, the more our beauty will reflect from the inside out. Ever see a woman that is the total package; beautiful hair, beautiful skin, great smile, slim trim and curvy in the right places but then she opens her mouth and you realize how ugly she is inside? When you’re beautiful from the inside it shines on the outside. Your presence becomes a light in every room you walk into. Being truly Beautiful starts within.

INDEPENDENT. We, as women, play many roles and sometimes one of our roles may overpower the rest. Some of us are called to be police officers, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, nurses, hairstylists, teachers, receptionists, housewives, etc. Whatever your calling and one is not more important than another, never forget who you are. And, by all means, if being a stay at home mom or police officer is your passion then do it to your very best, with all your heart, and leave no room for mediocrity.

You see, HER can be anyone of us. There is no personality, size, or skin color that defines who HER is. We all have a little bit of HER in us and it is never too late to start helping her shine. Remember to be FIERCE when needed, be BEAUTIFUL inside and out, never forget who you are, be INDEPENDENT.